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Mike Beegle said:   March 20, 2012 8:23 am PST
Take some time to check out the new link on the Navy Musicians Association Archives page on Face Book. Literally hundreds of pictures of navy band, past and present from a Life Magazine link. Also a new video of Manny Cepeda's top notch Salsa group from San Diego.

Wyatt Newman said:   March 6, 2012 4:40 pm PST
It is my duty to report the death of Ronald M. Bennett. He was at the SOM 1960-61, the Kodiak band in 1961-62. and with the 7th fleet band until discharge in 1963. He retired six years ago after 31 years as a game warden with the state of Texas. He was the official commemorative bagpiper for the State of Texas wildlife department, and was also self-taught player of the banjo, upright bass, fiddle and mandolin. He died at his home in Comfort, Texas after a seven month fight with pancreatic cancer.

John P. Polites said:   February 16, 2012 6:43 pm PST
Nice site. I was in from March '63 - March '67 arrived at Anacostia U. and was welcomed by the largest bugs known to mankind ! One almost walked away with my Selmer clairnet. Must have been a termite-they like wood. But I digress. Went to Com 7th Flt. with Mac Waldron and Bryce Conklin w/ Norm Lapell as chief, then then Lee Stull. Arrived at Treasure Island in Jan '66 and CWO Gene Huddleston was director along with Chief Casey Casebolt, and Gus Grissom. Great Duty ! Gene almost became my "2nd father" Great times, lots of laughs, with John Pfieffer, Bob Kuhl, Terry Greer, Casy, Mike Holcomb, Mike Pierce, Jim Savage, John Koob, Ed "Pappy" Gier. Sam Donahue and Gene were good friends and Sam would stop by and visit Gene if he was in town. (he led the house band at one of the Vegas hotels) Gene told me a few years later that he recommended Bob Kuhl and I go to Vegas and join Sam's band but life took a different path for us. It was a great 4 year 'paid vacation' for me.

Mark Bruschuk said:   February 2, 2012 9:38 pm PST
I was in 1980-1989. I avoided Japan a few times because of my young kids. How ironic that I have been teaching high school at Yokota Air base in Tokyo for the past 11 years. My last two kids graduated high school here. You never know what is in your future. I guess it was always planned for me.

MUCS Rod Rancourt said:   January 18, 2012 10:55 am PST
yrs. of service "61 - 89. Euphonium/T-Bone/DrumMajor. Sea Duty 63-64. Newport 65. Hawaii 66-67. Boston 67-69. Italy, Naples 70-73. School 73-75. Charleston 75-76 Navy Band, D.C. 76-89. Will always remember all of you.

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